Rabindra Jadeja has grown himself as a hardworking person and all his efforts and strenght is shown up by the way he is performing right now for the team, which is undoubtedly very amazing

After the much tight and fighting ambience of the game that went on the 5th day and yet resulted in a draw unlike the other two games that gave us the result while it was on the 3rd or 4th day.


It was expected that the bowl might turn during the end of the game but as a matter to surprise everyone the bowl was coming on the bat nicely and the batsmen were not getting troubled by the bowlers which so ever line and length they were bowling to.


The bowl that were being used during the match disappointed Virat Kohli to a lot extent and he was very unhappy with the quality of bowl that was being used during the game and as per him this was also one of the main reason of not getting early wickets during the 5th day, which was expected to get on but died up at every point of time


He is a proven all-rounder for the team and has given many achievements to cherish upon and he is currently the best allrounder of the world and with much more yet to be explored he has already won millions of heart and is directing his focus & goals as of to his requirement and demand for the team


He has always been of the most efficient bowler for the side and is doing on so to maintain the goodwill that he has bought in through the talent he has got, and now he has become an inspiring person for many youngsters and they also want to follow Jadeja as he his leading himself now.