The Australian fast bowler Siddle on the upcoming home series against Pakistan from December 15 have termed it as a mighty challenge for the Aussie team, as we are all aware of the fact that Pakistan is currently holding the flag at the top in the ICC test rankings after the series against England.


Peter Siddle is aware of the fact that they can improvise their skills and upgrade the records in a place where only 4 test matches being won by them.


"I think people probably didn't think that much about Pakistan coming out here this summer, but you look at their performances in England on wickets, not quite the same as here, but similar, and they've played well," Siddle told's The Unplayable Podcast.

"So with South Africa for three Tests, and Pakistan for three Tests, it's a big summer for us and one where we have to play some good cricket to get back that number one mantle."


With regards to the Pace bowlers that Pakistan has produced so far there is no doubt that its one among the best, with quality names of Mohammad Amir, Wahab Riaz and Sohail Khan, the Australian pacer admits that the bowlers are in good form and they are ready to take over any conditions given to them. He also added praising the Pakistan team for their consistency over the last year or two.


"They've got some star players but they've been a lot more consistent with the sides they're putting out there - they're not chopping and changing and I think that's where they've missed out in the past," he said.

"At the moment it looks like they've got a pretty settled group of 13, 14 players that they go with. With a couple of injuries to bowlers, they've had bowlers come in and perform well, so that's exciting for them.

"I think their squad will be suited to Australian conditions, probably more so than in the past. They've got explosive players who can take the game away from you, and they've got a good assortment of quicks at the moment. They've actually got some fast bowlers that will be able to make it work on the wickets out here, and put us under a bit of pressure, so that's a big challenge for us."


And this is not the the end of the thoughts of Siddle he is also very much aware of their leg spinner Yasir Shah and the tough middle order batsmen. By this he concluded saying,

"They've got a class spinner, Yasir Shah, he's unbelievable," he noted. "He's got a great record and he's approaching 100 wickets at the quickest rate. The great Shane Warne has worked with him a little bit and has talked up how good he is. Then you've got the old heads, Misbah-ul-Haq and Younis Khan, just to hold that middle-order together."



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RankTeam MatchesPoints Rating
1 India 35 4016 115
2 South Africa 33 3712 106
3 Australia 33 3499 106
4 England 45 4722 105
5 New Zealand 23 2354 102
6 Sri Lanka 38 3668 97
7 Pakistan 21 1853 88
8 West Indies 29 2235 77
9 Bangladesh 19 1268 67
10 Zimbabwe 8 12 2


RankTeam MatchesPoints Rating
1 England 51 6470 127
2 India 49 5973 122
3 New Zealand 41 4602 112
4 South Africa 39 4275 110
5 Pakistan 38 3915 103
6 Australia 37 3699 100
7 Bangladesh 28 2607 93
8 Sri Lanka 50 3872 77
9 West Indies 32 2217 69
10 Afghanistan 32 2053 64
11 Zimbabwe 37 2021 55


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1 Pakistan 30 3972 132
2 India 37 4601 124
2 Australia 21 2570 122
4 England 21 2448 117
5 New Zealand 22 2542 116
6 South Africa 19 2093 110
7 West Indies 21 2219 106
8 Afghanistan 27 2490 92
9 Sri Lanka 28 2451 88
10 Bangladesh 27 2066 77