As per the CRCKET NEWS Pakistan Cricket Board has decided to take legal actions against BCCI for not agreeing to play a two match home series and not fulfilling Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).


Pakistan cricket board has revealed that they will seek compensation from BCCI as they have not toured Pakistan and subsequently PCB has said that they won’t be coming to India to play the series because India has first taken out his team from the bilateral series.


Both the series is in a dilemma to work upon as nobody is willing to give up and go for the series as the fixtures was about to start from Pakistan itself.


The last series planned between this two nations was on December 2015 and it was ruined due to the political tension all around the nation and it was being seized off.


"Our board has authorised us to take legal action against BCCI for not fulfilling their MoU," PCB chairman Shaharyar Khan told reporters after the governing board meeting in Karachi. "They had signed to play six series in eight years, out of which two have already been missed. So now we are preparing a case against them so that we can say clearly that we deserve to be compensated.

"We are also involving the ICC in the case because they were party to our bilateral agreement and they were the witness to our signing. Now it's their responsibility to support us and settle our losses."

The matter will be persuaded in London and the case will be taken thereon,

"We did try to talk to them in meetings but never got a response so our patience ran out," Najam Sethi, the head of the PCB's executive committee, said at the same press conference. "So in the recent meeting we had intimated them that if it won't go ahead we have no other option but to move on ... enough is enough. When I signed the agreement I gave a roughly-estimated figure that these four series are going to fetch us $150-200 million, so we are suffering huge losses."