Paul Farbrace justified the step by the International Cricket Council (ICC), for the fine imposed upon Alex Hales by the match referee Richie Richardson. Because the gestures and the way he walked up to the third umpire Joel Wilson was totally unpredictable.


It was the first day of the fourth Test against Pakistan at The Oval on Thursday (August 11). When Hales was dismissed by Amir and Yasir Shah taking up a clean catch or have he grounded it, under this dilemma the decision went with the bowling side and he was dismissed and when he walked out of  the pitch he went to the third umpire to spot some light upon the decision made.

Hales violated Article 2.1.5 of the ICC code of conduct and was fined 15% of his match fee for "some inappropriate comments as he was leaving the room" as per a statement from the ICC.


Farbrace supported the decision made by the referee and admitted that it was a mistake on Hales's part. "He deserves his fine," Farbrace said. "You can't go into the match referee's office during a game and have heated exchange as Alex did. He deserves to be fined. We can't support any player going in and having a crack at third umpire. However frustrated he might be, it is the wrong thing to do. The ICC have done the right thing today.


"Going into the match referee's office was the wrong thing to do. We would not have advised him to go and share his thoughts. It was not the brightest thing to do and it wasn't going to make any difference. And mid-game, it's not the best thing to upset umpires. You work very hard on having a good relationship with umpires," he summed up.