Pat Cummins the pacer from Australia who meets injuries more often is all set to talk about his participation in the IPL from CA


The 23 year lad was targeted and snapped by Delhi Daredevils at a whooping price of $874,540 in the auction of the IPL, after he showed some of his brilliant performance in the shorter format of the game.


He was last seen in the test cricket in 2011 after than he had series of injuries which led him out of the squad for long and since then he was not able to make a comeback in the longer format of the game.


But the young lad has shown his patience and has showed some brilliant performances in the past in the shorter form of the game which led him in the IPL with a mind blowing amount for the young lad.


Neil Maxwell, Cummins's manager, said his client was fit and healthy to take part in the IPL. "We haven't heard anything from Cricket Australia," he told The Age on Tuesday (February 21). "Obviously, (I) am keen to work with them but, at the same time, we, obviously, would want to understand what the plans are. Cricket Australia have constantly pushed that players are choosing to play in their own leave time, so I assume that would be Pat's choice at the end of the day.

"It comes down to a number of factors - health and well-being, fitness levels and there is a commercial element there as well. "But if it is going to be raised, it would have been nice to have been raised before he was given an auction price....because it would hurt a lot more to be pulling out."