The test captain of Bangladesh Mushfiqur Rahim on an interview said that he is very eager to play against the no. 1 team in the world and he is waiting for the day to arrive, where this two team will clash against each other.


Tomorrow the 9th of February is the date where the first test will be played in Hyderabad the city where cricket is the heart throb of the fans surrounding in and around the stadium

It will be quiet interesting to see the two team clash because the last time this two teams were set to fire things didn’t go well for the Indian Cricket Team and there was all sort of positivity in the Bangladesh fans and their players.

Bangladesh team will step down tomorrow in the field as a much more important and considered side in the game, and their confidence & morale must be touching the peaks of the heaven.

Whereas the Indian team will have to focus fully on the subject matter and stick to their basics as per their game plan and should wound up the opponents with patience as because we know that Bangladesh team is one of the most talented sides one has got.

This is what the captain had to say,

The preparation has been quite good. Although the practice match... probably the way we wanted to play didn't go according to plan. I think the boys had a good hit. The bowlers also had a good workout. We haven't got too much time coming from New Zealand. Still I thought the last six days... we've had fantastic practice facilities over here and we utilised every nets session.