Shami the 26 year old pacerman from Bengal has revealed that he never felt ignored or unwanted inside the dressing room and the atmosphere was always like feeling at home.


He has all the positive vibes for the INDIAN CRICKET TEAM and their players but deep inside his heart he respects and listens to the limited overs captain M.S Dhoni, as because he perceives Dhoni as his guardian of play.

Shami was born in Uttar Pradesh but he has served the Bengal team in the Ranji and other tournaments had to leave the ongoing test series against England due to his injury in the right knee says that Dhoni is like a father figure to him.


While facing an interview with The Times of India the 26 years old pacerman threw some limelight on the relation he had with his other team mates and the staff as well, he said everybody here is very well mannered and they always stays by the side in case of tough phase of the career and they are the booster for any player who is trying to glitter their name in the world of cricket


"I remember the first time I walked into this team. It's a ritual that whoever makes it to the Indian team for the first time has to make a speech. I was a little nervous. Most cricketers have a very active social life and mine was completely different, coming from where I do. I remember walking up and saying something to the effect that 'I can't speak in English so it'll have to be in Hindi'. And the guys were like 'toh isme kya baat hai' (what is the big deal in that). That whole feeling of being accepted so immediately was amazing. As far as MS (Dhoni) is concerned, it's like a father-son relationship. What more can I say," he said