The 41 year old former Australian batsman awake the away touring teams against sledging Kohli.


Mike Hussy the experience Australian player warned his compatriot about sledging the Indian captain Virat Kohli, Sledging may have worked down under, as the Indian skipper will be in his homely conditions.

While some other players think that firing up sometimes works for them, but now gradually after playing so many crucial innings Kohli developed himself as a much more matured batsman and he is not dangerous when  the bowlers are is in his face,’


The 41 year old former Australian batsman thinks that Kohli is that kind of batsman who likes to take that challenge and the verbal earthwork was something that he certainly tasted.

In an interview Hussy added: “I wouldn’t try and fire him up,”

I think he thrives on that and he’s a real competitor. He loves being in the fight and loves the contest out in the middle. I’d make sure we have some very clear plans and we try and stick to them as best as we possibly can. There’s no need to get involved in that sort of verbal barrage because I think that fires him up even more.”

“You don’t want to get carried away with too much talk and lose your concentration of what’s important, which is executing your skills. The team that wins will be the one that can execute their skills at the highest quality and for the longest period of time. It’s not going to be the team that’s the most verbal or the most aggressive.”

The Australian batsman also compared Virat Kohli with his compatriot Steve Smith.

He elucidated: “If he gets in, he’ll go big and score big runs. He’s very confident at the moment, he knows the conditions so well and generally if he plays well, India win. And it’s similar with Australia – Steve Smith and David Warner are the two most important batsmen in the Australian line-up and if they score runs, generally Australia go well.