Joe Root is the man who completely enjoys his game and plays each and every shot towards his utmost perfection and in order to do that hard work is the most important element to succeed.


Root has scored a splendid 88 on the first innings in Chennai test which certainly have boosted the will power of the other batsmen and at the end the visitors were totally up to the mark and played magnificently till the end of the order and scored 477 odd runs for the 1st innings.


The CRICKET NEWS states that this was the 16th time in his career that he was falling between the score of 50 and 100, he went back to the pavilion after playing a sweep shot that didn’t connected to his bat at all and ended up by going for it.


"I was convinced I didn't hit it," said Root at the end of the opening day's play on Friday (December 16). "Obviously the technology suggests otherwise, but it is bitterly disappointing when you're convinced out there that there's nothing.

"If you look at the wicketkeeper's reaction, he's not interested either."The decision to review the call came from Virat Kohli after a lot of deliberation and seemed to be more in hope than conviction."I think Kohli just went with his gut, and it worked out. You move on. You probably just have to take it on the chin - I must have got a fine one on it," added Root on the dismissal. "But I didn't hear a noise, didn't feel anything on the bat. It could be just one that's bypassed me and is genuinely out."

When Joe Root got out he acted a bit childish from his part by kicking off the advertisement board and nodding his head when he was leaving the field and he also repented upon it saying, "I probably was a bit childish with my reaction as I walked off. But playing international cricket, you're going to be disappointed when you feel you've been hard done by - even if you haven't," he said.


He wasn't one to regret the shot that he played."I feel my game's in good order. I don't think I'd have done anything differently (today) if I had my time again. I'd have still played the same shot," he said. "I wouldn't say it's over-confidence, maybe I might need to rein it in slightly, but at the same time if it's a bad ball I'm going to want to hit it for four."