Nehra also being one among the players that has set their benchmark with the comeback in International cricket after performing excellently in the Indian Premier League (IPL). He also added, saying the learning process of a sportsperson never stops.


Ashish Nehra, 37 year old bowler from India who was in London  for almost two and a half months as because he was undergoing for a knee surgery and currently not in the squad due to his injury and on the 21st of August he was in Chennai for the team launch of Chepauk Super Gillies.

He also added, saying T20s are the integral part in a cricketer’s life and he gets many chances to learn from his mistakes as it the shortest format of the game, you get very little time to think upon your actions and presence of mind is thus enhanced.  

After Nehra is back from London after spending a long two and a half months on his knee surgery is back to his motherland has started up his training session just a couple of weeks ago with running and other simple activities.