Virat kohli the captain of the Indian test team went out of the pavilion in a very unusual way scoring just 40 runs in the first test here at Rajkot.


Virat Kohli was hit wicket out in the first test at Rajkot when the hopes were very high with the captain he was went on airing his wicket into the ground.


According to the LATEST CRICKET NEWS it has marked a benchmark in the INDIA CRICKET that there was no Indian captain other than Virat Kohli   was hit out in the last 67 years and none among the Indian players in the last 14 years of test cricket or so.


As we know that the aggressive man Virat kohli is always up for setting a record and hit upon by a pen on the books, here though not a warm whelming one but still he made it in this para also. 


Before Virat Kohli, VVS Laxman was the last batsman to be out hit-wicket in Tests for India. He was dismissed against West Indies in 2002. Kohli now also has a record that he is the first player to be out hit-wicket against the same opposition in ODIs and Tests.