As per the CRICKET NEWS the captain of the PAKISTAN CRICKET Team Misbah-UL-Haq is thinking about his retirement in nearing future.


After an innings and an 18 run defeat from the giants of cricket Australia at MCG ground the captain is very much disappointed at such a high degree loss.


He just went to play the innings for 2 balls and then made his way direct to the Pavilion, he has just scored 20 runs in this series and the 42 year old captain feels that he should retire himself from the game as he is not able to give any fruitful innings to his nation.


A great attempt was made by the Pakistan cricket team to save it but they went on to get a shameful loss by getting all their batsmen out for just 163 runs in the 54th over where it was supposed to get its full time on the 64th over.


This is the consecutive 11 test loss for the Pakistan Cricket Team against Australia and the 3rd test is going to start from 3rd of January at Sydney.


After the loss and the poor performance by whole of the team the captain thought that it is now the time for him to bid his farewell from the game and allow the next generation to take the charge.


 "I need to think about that (retirment) because I always believe if I can't contribute anything for the team then there is no point staying there," he told reporters after the Test. 


"I have to think about that even before the next game... the next couple of days, I will think about what to do because there is no point hanging around doing nothing. I haven't decided that but let's see."


Misbah revealed he had contemplated retirement in the past. "I was thinking about my retirement a long time ago, even when I was playing against England in Dubai (in late 2015)," he said. "I was thinking we had Tests against India... I would play against India and that's it. But then we had difficult tours against England, New Zealand and Australia and I thought that's not the right time (to retire). 


"That's why I hung around and even at that stage, (the plan) wasn't to play for two or three years," he added.