The former Indian cricket batsman Rahul Dravid thinks that Pujara is perfect for no 3 spot in the batting order.


Now this season team India is having a great season so far, until now they thrashed their opponents so far but still there are some doubts over some layers performance, only their captain VIRAT KHOLI is delivering well for their country and the selectors are thinking can this Indian team hold on their this level of performance in outside of the country, and can they recapitulate what Sourav Ganguly and his team has done earlier for their country.


Indian A and under 19  coach Rahul Dravid has his full faith on the player who are performing for the country right now and he thinks that another Cheteshwar Pujara the right handed batsman is playing phenomenally well  for his country and he is a perfect heir to who can replicate him in the Indian squad.

Dravd voiced: "Pujara has been exceptional at No. 3 after I've left. He's batted beautifully. He's played well in this series (against England), he is a terrific Test player. I hope that we are going to see his best years ahead. Ajinkya Rahane and Ravichandran Ashwin have been exceptional as well, and Virat is absolutely sensational. I think we've some very good talent. I'm very impressed with the batting talent we have and they are growing, developing as a team, they still they are figuring their way out,"

The legendary batsman thinks that this Indian batting lineup isn’t amend around with and this team cans perform well in abroad too.

Darvid told that:

"It's a nice thing that they have a lot of these home Tests over the next few months and I hope that by the time India travels abroad for tours, we will have a settled batting line up, a sort of confident successful middle order in place. If you have a set middle order and the guys know and are secured in their position, I think it will give us the best chance to succeed abroad too,"