As we all know IPL is a very big platform for both the players and the sponsors as well and it also becomes a very fruitful arena for the Media owners as well as because getting the media rights are bound to increase the margins


An aggregate of close to 20 bidders have applied for the tender and as per the sources BCCI will close its day of submission by 1st September and will release the names of the media who has acquired the rights shortly


It was earlier notified that the submissions will be over by the 28th of August but a grace period of 4 days has been allowed by the panel as because of the Holidays and also due to some work that is still pending in the form of taxations and as they are legal for the bidders to clear the same before the date.


The list of the media personals those who have filed for the tender will get over by the legal notice of the Supreme Court and will be asked to present before the Heads so as to maintain the transparency


While the cricket board's logic is that keeping all options open allows it to look at revenue maximization, industry experts say the digital market is clearly a far bigger and a more dynamic industry going further, which BCCI is unwilling to explore keeping broadcaster interests in mind.


"A separate bid for digital will force the rights-owner to do a deferred live of matches whereas if one party owns digital and broadcast both, then there's no restriction. Where's the logic in this?


Why not have a paywall instead? This is like suppressing a market that hasn't even woken up yet," says an industry executive.