The 30 year old English batsman believes that the lost the match in the final third.


The 30 year old English skipper believes that they should have won the last night match against India. Moreover, he thinks that they only need eight runs in the last over.

The 23 year old Indian fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah has ensured something that they did not get it. The English captain believes that the decision of Joe Root change the momentum.

The English batsman Root’s decision was capricious on the fact that the English batsman had south to say struck the ball as well as the verity that the ball had struck him at the wickets. 

That was one of the most impecunious decisions in the series.

The England captain in the post match presentation, he told that: “Needing eight off final over we should have won the game but there is extreme frustration, absolutely,”

“It shifted momentum [the Root decision] the first ball of the 20th over, losing a batsman who’s faced 40 balls on a wicket that’s not that easy to time it is quite a bit of a hammer blow.

“It’s proved very costly all things considered. A couple of decisions didn’t go our way and we still should have won the game and that’s a big positive for us. That we didn’t is disappointing. We will draw a line under it tonight

and move on to think about what we may come up against in Bangalore.”

The English caption also not pleased with the debutant Liam Dawson, but he sprung on his defense. He added: “It’s difficult, As a player when you make your debut you’re in the same position for the first couple of days.

Home or away, probably a little more hostile. It’s part and parcel of the job to be able to cope with the pressure and make good decisions more often than not.

Despite the impecunious decision of the English captain rehearse that they should have won the match: “We should have won the game anyway. The fact that [umpiring controversy] comes out of today’s game as a highlight is disappointing, it shouldn’t be like that. It should be a good performance by both teams and a really competitive game.”

“Even if it’s just for World Cup games you’d accept it. If this was a World Cup game tonight and we were out of the World Cup or lost a World Cup final we’d be spewing. The fact it’s not is a concern. There is as much on the line as there is in a Test or a one-day match so no reason why it shouldn’t be used.”

England will play their last and decisive T20 match in Bangalore on 1st february.



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8 West Indies 29 2235 77
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