A series of major decisions were collaborated to imply in upon the world of cricket by the ICC in a meeting that was held on last Saturday that is 4th of February.

One of the most important agenda that flowed in the meeting was the Decision Review System (DRS) that it should be consistently put into effect across every formats.

This decision is a major lean forwarding decision by the panel as we come to see across many games that a player has to sacrifice his wicket by a silly wrong decisions taken by the umpires, its neither the fault of the umpires because it is almost impossible for any human to act smartly and be conscious at every point of time.  

It is to be implemented during October of this year and it will mark fruitfulness in the cricketing history and this panel is headed by Anil kumble 

"We are also pleased to see their agreement around the use of DRS technology in all international cricket and the creation of a medical advisory committee, which will provide an opportunity for the sport to consider such issues as player concussion and heat policies," David Peever said.

However, after 2017, for any technology to be added to the DRS system, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has to approve it.


"Post the 2019 World Cup, they will play a league going for three years and at the end of it, the top eight teams automatically qualify for the World Cup, the other teams drop down into the qualifying league and play against teams from the World Cricket League to determine the two teams that will join the eight in the World Cup," Richardson added.