As per the CRICKET NEWS the South African fast bowler Dale Steyn is likely to miss out the IPL due to his injury and as per the sources he is likely to make a comeback during the mid of June.


Steyn injured up his right shoulder in November during the clash with Australia which made him stay out of the way of cricket for almost 8 months or so, because he has aimed to return during the mid of June 2017.


Steyn started up with surgery in Cape Town and had a successful medical solution out there but he will kept out of the action all during the start of the year till the mid of 2017, "The first two to three months is just the healing phase, so by the end of February I will start to be able to do things like light bowling, start swimming and all that kind of stuff," Steyn said.


It was the same shoulder where he suffered a less severe hairline fracture less than 12 months back. He had regretted rushing back from it. This time though, he's not taking any chances and he's also looking forward to the prospect of a break.

"It's actually really cool. I haven't had a long break like this in a good few years and every season I go into it with something wrong, whether it be a little hammie or whatever. It will be nice to go into a season, starting in June, and confidently know that I am really strong and in a good place," Steyn said.


Despite of Steyn being not in the series against Australia they won the series and Steyn is very much proud of the fact that inspite of not being in the team still the bowling attack was flawless and this factor has impressed him a lot to a great extent,  "We definitely out-bowled Australia and that's why we ended up winning. Our batters all contributed in parts but at the end of the day, I think it was our bowlers that won it."