Cricket Buzz- If you do not have good resources, it does not matter who you are- Dhoni

Cricket Buzz- If you do not have good resources, it does not matter who you are- Dhoni

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Significant buzz is lurking in the air as Chennai Super Kings have made their comeback in the Indian super league, with their Comeback, MS Dhoni once again is all set to don the role of Captaincy after he let it go in the last year when he has with Rising Pune Supergiants.


Last year from the International cricket also Dhoni step down from his captaincy and handed it over to Virat Kohli, and after that the corridors of orders of RPS decided to mitigate him from the Captaincy role, but in 2018 MS Dhoni will lead the Chennai Super Kings in IPL, and Dhoni is confident that it would not be difficult for him to switch back to his Favorite role.


In Virat’s captaincy we all witnessed Dhoni to guiding Virat in many field decisions, MS Dhoni also thinks wicketkeepers are always the secondary skipper in the team, Since, Dhoni is placed to a perfect position to oversee the field and the Batsman approach the movement of the ball.


He stated: “I was never a captain before I became the captain of India. So I don’t think it is a difficult job. Secondly, the wicketkeeper is always considered the vice-captain of a team. He is somebody who is in the position to watch the game very closely. He understands the pace of the wicket, how the bowler is bowling, how the batsman is batting,”


Apart from Dhoni, we have seen Wicket keepers being successful captains, in 2009 the Aussie legend Adam Gilchrist led Deccan Chargers to the glory, and Kumar Sangakkara's stint with team Sri Lanka, The notion of Wicketkeepers being bad captains proved wrong time and time again.


Dhoni added: “Before a few of us – the wicketkeepers – started captaining sides, there was talk about why burden keepers with more responsibility. But stats have proved wicketkeepers have always been good captains. Maybe because they are so close to the game, they have very good analysis of the game,”


 Dhoni also emphasizes on getting a better team. Also rationalizing that the theory of a skipper is only as good as his team, Dhoni voiced: “But again, we need to have a good team. If the resources are not good, it doesn’t matter who the captain is, whether it’s Ricky Ponting, Steve Waugh, Clive Lloyd or any other great captains.”










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