As per the Virat Kohli News It was the time during the 3rd t20 when Virat kohli was a bit tensed during the situation and it was Hardik Pandya that took the Initiative and came towards the front to control down the situation and helped him a lot


As per the Virat Kohli News the captain said that he is very satisfied with the performance that Hardik Pandya delivers on the field and his off cutters are really very much difficult to handle for the Batsmen


Defending 19 runs in the Last over when given the bowl he conceded just 12 runs and took his team towards the path of victory and seizing the series from the hand of the kiwis 2-1, Hardik Pandya is undoubtedly one of the rarest talent that team India has got through this days


"We had the confidence in Hardik, whose off-cutters are good. The wicket was damp tonight, so the ball was sticking to the wicket. I tried going up to him (in the final over), but after three balls he said, 'mein daal doonga, aap tension mat lo' (I will deliver, you don't worry)," Kohli said.


"We thought if we can take the run-rate up, it's not going to be so easy. Rohit and MS (Dhoni) came up with Bumrah bowling the second last, and Hardik Pandya bowled the last over well. When Hardik got hurt, I was thinking god forbid if I had to bowl the last four balls," said Kohli seeing the funny side of Pandya's spirited fielding effort in the final over.

"We have won a few on the trot and it makes us very proud. This stadium is beautiful, the outfield wonderful and the crowd made it special. I am surprised there were no games here earlier," he added.


"It was a tricky surface and runs on board on that surface was handy. It came down to the couple of deliveries. Shame to not get across the line in this decider. As soon as you ran your fingers on the ball, it made life difficult," said Williamson.

"In this part of the world, wickets can be flat. We showed good fight. You have to be on top of their game to win here, they are one of the best teams in the world. I think there have been number of strides forward for us. Fairly new group and it's not easy, guys coming here for the first or second time. It's a tough place to play," he added.