The captain of the English cricket team Jos Butler spoke up regarding the celebration done by Bangladesh which should not be totally entertained, that left him feel disappointed.


During the 2nd ODI when the Bangladesh came into bat and put 239 runs on board for England to chase it down, at that point of time Butler was batting on 57 before he was dismissed by Taskin Ahmed, and the kind of celebration made by the players of Bangladesh made him very aggressive and he also turned out towards them to show up what he has got in return.


At that very point he was stopped by the on field Umpires which could may have gone in some other direction and made his way towards the dressing room without troubling anything on the ground.


Butler said he totally understands the feeling of getting a wicket and it was quite obvious for them to celebrate but running towards someone’s face with too much aggression should not be appreciated at all.


“I was a little bit disappointed in the fashion they celebrated,” Butler said on Sunday. “Mainly the way they celebrated by running towards me and giving me a bit of a send-off.


“I thought it was a little bit over the top. I don’t mind guys celebrating together. I know that’s obviously a very passionate cricket country and the players are very passionate but I have got no problem with that. I was just a little bit disappointed in the way they celebrated.