The 22 year old English international played the test matches against Indian but fails to make his mark.


The English international Ben Duckett  has three half century in his name against Bangladesh and the way his approach towards spinners that make him favorite to face the Indian spinners during their test series against Indian in the last year.

But the young English man fails to make his mark and he scored 13, 5 and 0, in his three innings.

In the Vizag test the England test team captain Alaister Cook instruct him to bat out he fails to do so but they finally lost the match by 246 runs.

The young batsman only played seven international matches so far the English man believes that he could have played his natural game and could have saved the test for him team.

He added: “In the last innings I had, Cookie spoke to us – ‘we’re going to try to bat all day here, whether it’s 20 (runs) off 160 (balls)’,” said Duckett. That isn’t my game, [but] I did try to do what we were asked. My way of batting for the draw is actually trying to get 120 off 160. I was on the verge of getting dropped … [but] I did what the captain said.

“I think in India, Bangladesh, you have a lot of time to sit in your room – there’s not as much to do – and you can’t really get away from it. You go on your phone and your name’s there, and you almost think ‘I’m getting dropped’ before you even are.

“I think, going into that last innings, maybe my mindset was already ‘I’m gone here’ – rather than ‘No, actually, I’m going to get 130 and draw us this game, be a hero’.”