Blind cricket team has given ample achievements to team India and BCCI is no less from rewarding the players with an amount of 1 crore, Indian blind cricket team has beaten Pakistan in the t20 world cup last month.


"Acchhe din" it seems, have begun for blind cricket in India. It's learnt that in a first of its kind gesture on its part, the Board of Control for Cricket in India will award Rs 1 crore to the Indian cricket team that won the Twenty20 World Cup last month by beating arch-rivals Pakistan in the title clash in Bengaluru.


Last Tuesday the whole team with its executive members was invited to the Prime Minister Narendra Modiji’s residence and it was indeed a big honor for the team and everybody was very pleased and was celebrating the moment to the fullest


But the attacker came in when the richest board of the cricket BCCI announced a sum of 1 crore money to the players which left them very overjoyed and happy person


"It's a fabulous gesture. It's not the money that matters, but the recognition. I hope BCCI ensures the money is shared amongst the players, support staff and the CABI," said Patrick Rajkumar, coach of the team. "It's a great moment for us. Getting this announcement and commitment from BCCI means a lot. My heartfelt thanks to the new team to have taken this decision. I'd written to BCCI officials persistently requesting financial assistance and recognition. We organised the T20 World Cup in a grand manner, which forced us to spend a lot of money and take loans. The blind community is happy about this move," said CABI chief GK Mahantesh.


"This money will help us organise our cricket calendar. This gesture from the BCCI will now motivate the other corporates to come out and support us too. We were always asked by others about what BCCI was doing for us."



"I'm happy . This is a good first step that the BCCI has taken and is thinking about blind cricket.Thank you so much BCCI. Now, we can play continuously , without worrying about money . We've been waiting for this sort of recognition for the past several years.Finally a step has been taken by the BCCI to develop blind cricket in India," stated Ajay Reddy , captain of the team.