Recently an Australian newspaper reported that Virat Kohli threw an energy drink bottle at an Australian official and also claimed that Anil Kumble was also involved



Anil kumble is being accused of getting over the board and saving Kohli from his unwanted deeds that was going on that very point of time, on the other hand when asked Kumble regarding this incident he sounded very cool and composed and said there is nothing to be so serious upon this short entity of news reflected by the Australian Journals


Virat Kohli as we all know is a very aggressive player but has limited his heap mentality and power of being aggressive to a lot extent and is working upon It to be cool and relaxed at every moment of time.


"Kohli might be the aggressor in the brazen campaign India is running against Australia's integrity - even striking an Australian official with an orange Gatorade bottle - but coach Kumble, one of the main instigators of the Monkeygate fiasco, would appear to have reclaimed his role as the puppeteer behind the scenes," said the report.

"It's understood Kumble has also made his fury known about the actions of match referee Chris Broad during the Test, complaints which are now to be passed onto the ICC by the BCCI."


However ICC has green signaled Virat Kohli of whatever happened and let it go without taking any serious issue into consideration, but the negligence of the pathway that the ICC does as per the player is not good, they should treat each and every nation and their player equally without showing any sense of one way directional thought


"Kohli was also seen swearing in the direction of the Australian box as he left the field and using a throat-slitting gesture to send-off Peter Handscomb late in the Test. The spirit of the game notion has been pronounced dead in the game many times before, but Kohli - a law unto himself - would appear to have killed it off once again with his behaviour some of the worst by an international captain since villainous Sri Lankan leader Arjuna Ranatunga," the report said.


"By not taking action against Kohli for his behaviour on and off the field in Bangalore, the ICC has virtually given a green light for complete anarchy to break out in Test cricket."