The 29 year old Bangladesh skipper gives out to play the warm up against India A.


The ICC no 2 all rounder Shakib al Hasan says that he is not focusing to competing against Ravichandran Ashwin, on the other hand the 30 year old Indian player Ashwin is the no 1 all rounder  in the Test.

The 29 year old Bangladeshi cricket who is playing 11 years of cricket wants to play for his team not focusing on his individual records. 

He added: “I do not think of it the way he (Ashwin) does. There is no competition between us,”

In fact, I don’t think anyone thinks of it that way. He is doing well from his part and I am trying to do well from my end. The better I do the more help the team gets. The importance of a certain player is different from team to team. I will be happy if I get to contribute for my team with the role I have.”

The Bangladeshi player accolades about the Indian spinner who in the recent years becomes an instrumental player for team India and bowled excellently for them during the years.

About Ashwin he added: “He has been bowling really well for India in the last 2-3 years. The control on his bowling makes him different. He can do whatever he wants to do with the ball. If you are good at that, you don’t need to do anything else as a bowler. The control and the confidence he had made him the No.1 bowler.”

Right now the 29 year old Bangladeshi player is playing warm up game against India A at the Gymkhana ground and he thinks that here his side needs to perform from every department, also believes that every player should understand each other to improve the team effort.

 He voiced: “The team can perform well only when they get contributions from every department. In New Zealand it happened for us; where we batted well in one game and we bowled well in other game, but that didn’t happen simultaneously.”

“Everyone has a contribution in a game even for those who are new. It is a challenge for everyone. If you post 250 runs and your bowlers do well, then 250 runs suddenly seems to be a big total. But if you score 500 runs and your bowlers give away, if becomes a small total.”