The win over lords could be a fresh beginning for Mohammad Amir, says Misbahulhaq


The captain of the Pakistan cricket team Misbahulhaq strongly believes that it is the beginning of a new start for Mohammad Amir once again as a test cricketer after being dropped out of the side for a spot fixing scandal in 2010.

Amir in his comeback match against England begged two wickets for his side giving away 39 runs, which was quiet a positive vibe for the Pakistan cricket board and the team. Misbahulhaq was quiet impressed with Amir’s performance and said it was really a very honorable start for Amir and we hope to see some good cricket from him in the coming years.


Mohammad Amir was banned from all the formats of the game and was not even allowed to touch the ball or practice during this 5 years.


It was really a heartbreaking and painful time says Amir, and after being dropped from the side it was very difficult for him to earn the livelihood for him and his family as playing cricket was the only thing he is best at.


It was indeed a very pleasant time for the Pakistan team at lords as they take a lead of 1-0 in the first test against England, Misbahulhaq’s century and engraving the name on the honor’s board of the lords was really a special moment for Misbah and he celebrated this record quite grandly on the pitch,the excitement on his face was overwhelmed.