And today’s finale will decide whether India will jump up to the 1st spot or remain at the same position or will Pakistan will win their game and register their 6th spot in the rankings


It will be a tough ask for both the teams as there are so much of pressure building upon both the teams, when both the nations meet there is always emotional clash between the two


And 3pm (IST) is the time when the spectators will glue themselves either in the arena of the OVAL or will fixing themselves near a T.V, it is definitely a high end responsive game and both the captains will look around to stick to the basics and carry on the ongo required


The clash all the nation wants to see and become the evidence of what will happen when the two teams meet against each other at the Oval and the whole cricketing world will witness the same level of intensity as it seems of during the clash of the titans


The intensity of the game does not varies around the corner of the Asiatic nations only it has taken a whole new forma in other countries and continents as well