Moeen Ali and Joe Root got off to a tremendous start against India in Chennai on the 5th and the final test and the coach Sridhar said that they missed out an ample of chances to get rid of the centurion Ali and 88 from Root.


Sridhar is constantly pointing out the that the fielding part of the Indian side is almost below the par level, it used to be quiet high a couple of months back but he also added saying that the management is working hard to get rid of this problem and the players are also holding hands to top the list on the fielding arena too.


 "I would agree that our catching, especially our close-in catching has not been up to scratch this series," he said. "We have set right standards for the last two years and this particular series, things haven't gone our way."


The youngster KL Rahul although it was a very tough chance for the him to get rid of Moeen Ali but he failed to do so and he then went on to score his 5th test hundred, if Rahul would have taken the catch the circumstances would have been much better as they are now.


"It burst through his fingers over the head. Maybe his timing of the jump could have been better," the 46-year-old noted. "But these things happen in cricket. It was a tough situation for England at that time, getting Moeen out early could have helped us because (during) the first hour there was little moisture on the wicket, later on the wicket eased out and became good to bat on as Moeen showed. He batted beautifully for his unbeaten 120."


Root and Ali together fought very bravely in those circumstances and added 146 runs for the 3rd wicket partnership, at a point of time England were 21/2 and rising over from that situation to 477/10 is a remarkable batting scenario and they did it in style.


"We have to give credit. Root was fabulous. He came out with intent to attack the spinners. Good innings from Root. Moeen was the perfect foil for him. Took his time to settle down. Played with soft hands initially when the ball was turning and when there was little moisture on the wicket. But when it eased out, he was able to open his hands and hit a few good shots," he said.