It was such a fine day out there at Florida until rain poured down and ruined all the efforts made by the Indian bowlers, who changed drastically after getting bunched away by the West Indies batsmen in the 1st T20.


As we know the first T20 on 27 August was more of a boundary practicing match, the ball was flying all over the sky as it seems to be superhero, but yesterday the bowlers started off with a very decent and manageable start with the ball but at the end it was all in vain.


The morning in Florida on 28th was very bright and sunny as compared to 27th, still for some of the technical issues match started up with 40 min’s backlog time, and as what Sportslibro thinks that back log time stated the match with the tagline no result, otherwise the result could have been found out.


Mishra came it for Stuart Binny and was a very smart move to replace as because it clicked out very well for the Indian team, and Mishra was in his peak form and was delivering the ball very confidently.



The show stoppers of West Indies batting line up couldn’t come up with any hasty tasty performances yesterday and the bowl was grounded more often rather than kissing the air, Charles seemed unstoppable because he was playing in the same way as if it was the highlight of the 1st T20 but with the move of brining Amit Mishra in the playing XI bunched the wicket of Charles with the very first delivery he bowled.